What We Can Really Do for You


- We can provide immediate admission


- The transfer from and to the airport will be organized for you


- We provide safe and pain free rapid detox


- We provide Naltrexone implants to prevent relapse (you can have a heroin blocker within only 1 day!)


- We provide individual psychiatric and holistic sessions (up to 6h/day)


- We can organize accommodation for your relatives (additional costs)



Everyone has their own view of reasons for getting addiction treatment and results they want to achieve. One wants to detox their body from opiates urgently: without withdrawal syndrom and having further problems. The other one wants to clear their head from cravings and psychological addiction. The third one wants to achieve confidence after hospital care and obtain protection against relapse. The fourth one is clean for some time, but asks to break free from abstinence induced boredom, depression and nervousness. We are able to listen to you and understand what you really want in order to help and assist you.

Besides substitution programs with replacement drugs, there are other possibilities like remission, staying in a long and comfortable remission more particularly, having comfortable abstinence and a clean and healthy life. A person then sees their goal. One step after another, he/she is trying to get away from addiction. He has some success and has some difficulties moving further along. We know effective methods that can take you to your goal. Fighting addiction itself and even psychological addiction can not only be solved, but dismissed entirely from your lifestyle.

Everyone is different and unique, and paths to clean health vary as well. We know how to professionally comprehend your individual case and suggest the optimal solution specific to you.

You probably have experience in fighting addiction, one that includes hopes and disappointments. As a result of that you might doubt a successful conclusion and may distrust medicine as well. We maintain honesty and patience to inform you what really can be done in your specific case. Furthermore, letting you know what really can help and where to get that kind of help.

The addiction treatment shouldn’t be a difficult and endless process with an unpredictable result. Together with you, we make an addiction treatment or depression treatment plan with its specific time frames and achievable goals. On the top of that, we are helping you to be treated with pleasure.

Recovery from addictions or depression mean changing your lifestyle. Recovery means doing many good things for yourself. We can teach you to develop and realize such a specific positive lifestyle that a movie could be filmed based on your life journey.




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Naltrexone helps remain straight