Naltrexone implant Testimonials



A client from London (UK) about his 2 years experience with Naltrexone implants



An Irish ex heroin user about his experience with RefindYourWay and Naltrexone implant for 3 months



A patient from The Netherlands had been a drug user for more than 15 years before he started his Naltrexone maintenance



A young man from Dublin (Ireland) is impressed by his 12 months Naltrexone implants choice



49-years old man from Perth (Australia) has received a 6-months Naltrexone implant





- You can receive Naltrexone implant on any week day except on Sundays

- No waiting lists

- No deposits, no penalties

- Pricelist of Naltrexone implants

-  Our surgeons have a special training in Naltrexone implants placement

- Consultations related to any matters on Naltrexone maintenance are free of charge







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