Restart Your Fate



INFOTURN psychotherapy for addictions and depression treatment is the most important and most pleasant stage of your medical treatment.


Psychiatrist Doctor Victor Shubaev has developed (and continues developing) a new psychotherapeutic system called INFOTURN. It is directed at the creation of a person’s new effective vital program as well as a new destiny.

The corner stone of INFOTURN psychotherapy for addictions and depression treatment is that each person is born with a huge potential of energy. Those that are lucky enough to realize all this renewable energy within their natural inborn talents and affairs, enjoy a happy, fulfilled life. These courses of energy flow develop "vectors of destiny" affecting your whole life. These vectors fully depend on incoming information. Some of it you have inherited genetically from your ancestors and some you continue receiving day by day. Each passing day you are constructing and reinforcing your destiny.

It is very important to know the following: if you are fully happy with your fate, you only need to keep on filling oneself with information that sets the necessary vector. But what if you are not satisfied with your actual life? In that case it’s absolutely necessary to change your vector. That means that you need to gain freedom from the lumber that is not good for you and get filled with entirely different information.

With our assistance you can find those informational sediments, which are blocking and leading you in the wrong direction. We can help you get cleansed and get rid of it entirely. As a result of that, you will receive a flow of happiness, strength, energy and productive optimism. You will be ready to act decidedly and with enthusiasm!

The most important moment of INFOTURN psychotherapy for addictions and depression treatment is when we bring new productiveness chosen by your information so that it is cleared from the negative information space. That’s the essence of your dreams, secret hopes and positive feelings. The reconstruction of your own destiny is fully under your control and thus in your own hands. We only help you choose the right method to operate with your new way of life and to teach you to just live with joy.

Dr. Victor Shubaev has brought mastery in the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy. He strongly believes that responsible love and developing care must be a part of psychotherapeutic process. Together with his fellow colleagues, Dr. Shubaev has a passion for exploring new methods in psychiatry and readiness to help everyone who is ready to transform themselves.




If your life does not work, you can take INFOTURN psychotherapy to become what you want to be!