Organization Process - Rapid Opiate Detox & Naltrexone implant appointment

How to get a Naltrexone blocker to prevent relapse in alcohol and opiate addiction treatment?

  1. After reading the information about Naltrexone implants, a consultation with our experts via e-mail: or phone: +44 20 3289 8289 takes place, then choose the Naltrexone implant you would like to receive.
  2. We recommend that you take a drug test at home, just to make sure that you are opioid free (clean). If the test comes up negative, you can book  Naltrexone implant as well as the appointment; if not, you can be scheduled for a safe and comfortable opiate detoxification (heroin detox UK, methadone detox, oxycontine detox, buprenorphine detox etc.).
  3. You will send your plane ticket reservation to our e-mail address (after having arrival/departure date and time set up with us) as a cofirmation of your appointment.
  4. We will help you book a hotel, hostel or an apartment  in Belgrade and arrange your transfer to the clinic.
  5. The procedure for getting a Naltrexone implant is as follows:

- You will get the necessary information about Naltrexone maintenance in written
- You will sign a consent document for undergoing Naltrexone Implant procedure
- Then a payment for our services follows (in cash)
- An opiate test takes place
- Antibiotics are administrated
- Induction of Naltrexone blocker is performed (implant insertion) under local anesthesia (the procedure takes up to 10 minutes)
- Paper work is in English
- You will receive antibiotics to take home


How to get admitted for the Rapid Opiate Detox?

  1. Reply  to our questionnaire received by e-mail
  2. You will send your plane ticket reservation to our e-mail address (after having arrival/departure date and time set up with us) as a cofirmation of your appointment
  3. We’ll organize your transfer to the clinic
  4. Admittance for the drug detox treatment will follow (after the assesment and payment)

Treatment abroad indications

RefindYourWay  low-cost alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs are indicated for adults, self-sufficient and independent, physically healthy and motivated to get clean/sober with addiction issues who want to save their money by choosing basic affordable medical services package of qualified drug or alcohol detox and Naltrexone maintenance at minimum prices.

Meaning that a patient independently (or with the help of their close ones) studies all the necessary information regarding the drug addiction treatment they are interested in, paying close attention to the Treatment management , Terms and Conditions, House Rules,  Indications, Aftercare, FAQ.  

Learning of other drug addiction treatment programs to have better idea of advantages and specifics of the treatment methods, to be able to compare the opiate detox treatment methods and make a meaningful choice. They prepare and mail us their questions regarding the drug addiction treatment to come, receive and think through the answers to make their own decision regarding the treatment.

They plan their travel independently with the help of their close ones, prepare, receives the travel guidelines and advices from the facility, book their flights to the addiction treatment facility and back home, book the place at the facility and receive confirmation.

Should patient require our free transfer to the facility, it is necessary to book it before hand by mailing their flight tickets to Belgrade and return. Afterwards an arrival confirmation is required to be sent right before the departure.  

Patient and their relatives must be sure of him/her being able to prepare themselves for the treatment on their own (of them being capable of passing the airport check-in procedure, to keep in contact by mobile phone or e-mail) and get to the facility without problems. Then to be able to go through the full treatment program, to return home according to the plan and to follow all the aftercare recommendations under the supervision of the GP and/or other local medical experts.   

Should patient or their close ones be not sure of them being capable of meeting the requirements mentioned above, treatment abroad is not indicated in those cases and it is strongly advised to remise the RefindYourWay low-cost treatment programs  either discuss travelling and being accompanied by a responsible and respected by patient relative without drugs and alcohol addiction background.

In cases when an opiate detox treatment candidate doesn’t fulfill the personally planned travel and drug treatment program, they (patient) will take full responsibility for it including all the consequences that follow.



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