Drug and Alcohol Treatment Costs (Detox and Naltrexone implants prices)

Rapid opioid detoxification - from GBP 1300,- - (7 days heroin detox GBP 1700,-)
Naltrexone depot injection for 1 month - GBP 250,-
Naltrexone implant for 3 months - GBP 600,-
Naltrexone implant for 6 months - GBP 1.200,-
Naltrexone implant for 12 months - GBP 2.100,-

Any changes to prior arrangement (Naltrexone implant form/length, arrival date/time, etc.) GBP 100,-

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Naltrexone implant prices


The cost of private drug and alcohol rehab is something that usually may seem too expensive for people who really need help. That’s understandable as the rehab costs are usually pretty high. However, we want to assure you that drug detox and Naltrexone implants may not be as expensive as you think. The drug and alcohol treatment costs will vary depending on the types of treatments you choose, but there are enough options to make it possible for you to find an affordable programme that fits your budget as our medical services are at low costs, budget prices, at good quality at the same time.

The cheapest of all residential detox clinics (inpatient detox) can start at prices as low as £1200. The most expensive treatment would be our painfree methadone detox that may take from 9 to 15 days depending whether it would be followed by Naltrexone implant. For example 15 residential days followed by a 6 months Naltrexone implant would cost £4300.

There is also the possibility of undergoing outpatient detox at some detox Clinic in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Norway or other European country and then come for a Naltrexone implant program only. This is an option that costs much less than residential detox and Naletrexone implant program. You can also try getting yourself clean from heroin at home and then come for Naltrexone implant for three, six, nine or twelve months.

If you cannot afford travelling abroad for a residential detox program, there are some free services available through the NHS.

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