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The characteristics and advantages of liquid forms of anti-opiate blockers

Successful application of liquid Naltrexone implants, as well as apparent potential of Naltrexone implant, have motivated scientists to find more advanced formula of Naltrexone drug. This new research has led to the emergence of liquid forms VIVITREX and VIVITROL ®, with polymeric microgranules base, and then the next generation - Naltrexone palmitate oil solution as intramuscular injection.

Costs of Naltrexone injection


VIVITROL ® - the first successful liquid Naltrexone

For more than 10 years, U.S. company Alkermes Inc. had worked on the liquid form of Naltrexone (Naltrexone injections) for long term protection against relapse. After extensive scientific research, Alkermes Inc. presented VIVITREX to the world. The production of VIVITROL ® has begun after the FDA approval of this drug. These new formulations of Naltrexone are spread around the body through polymeric microspheres 75:25 polylactide-co-glycolide (PLG).

Specially trained doctors prepare the medical solution and immediately give the intramuscular injection to a patient. For this purpose, they use a special needle and other components of VIVITROL ® set. Each dose contains 380 mg of pure Naltrexone. The length of effective blockade of opioid receptors is 1 month.


NALTREXONE in oil - Opiate blocker injection

A new generation of long-acting liquid Naltrexone emerged under the names Naltrexone palmitate and Naltrexone in oil. Their application is very simple (as opposed to VIVITROL ®) and does not require specially trained personnel, or special injections. Any doctor or nurse can calmly and without haste give an intramuscular injection of blockerswith a regular 3ml syringe. Allergic reactions to such solutions are extremely rare, almost nonexistent. Also, the risk of complications is negligible.

Oil solutions of Naltrexone blocker look as transparent sterile liquid of golden color and are packed in dark glass bottles of 3ml, 15ml and 30ml. Sealed bottles are stored at room temperature. Before use, shake the syringe. Oil Naltrexone (Naltrexone injection) effects last 1 month as with Vivitrol, but its price is much lower.

Naltrexone injections advantages compared to Naltrexone Implant
No surgical intervention is needed, hence the following benefits:

- No need for a licensed surgeon or operating room
- The patient can be supplied with 5, 10 or 15 doses of Naltrexone liquid (any nurse can give a single dose of intramuscular injection on a monthly base)
- Anesthesia is not required
- No need for postoperative care: incision dressing, removing sutures, antibiotics
- Participation in sports, weight lifting, showering, baths, swimming etc. is allowed immediately after Naltrexone injection
- There is no risk of septic complications due to incorrect postoperative care
- No foreign body under the skin
- No risk of implant rejection, as in the 5% -8% of the Naltrexone implant applications
- Extremely low allergy risk
- No scars

Disadvantages of liquid Naltrexone
- Length of opiate receptor blockade with one dose of liquid Naltrexone is only 1 month.

Naltrexone implants are made in USA, see US Patent No. 6,203,813.


Naltrexone injectable video interview content

Doctor Shubaev, a psychiatrist and an exquisite expert in addiction treatment medical area about liquid forms of Naltrexone injections.


- Doctor Shubaev, please tell us what Naltrexone injection is?
- Naltrexone injection is Naltrexone with prolonged effect. It doesn’t require any surgical intervention, and it gets injected just like any other medication.

The first generation of Naltrexone is known as Vivitrol in the US. The new generation is named Naltrexone palmithate by Wedgewood Pharmaceutical and last, but not least, Naltrexone in oil by pellet technologies from New Jersey.


- What is the difference between hard and liquid Naltrexone implants?
- Firstly, intramuscular injection doesn’t require a trained surgeon, operational room, anesthesia, antibiotics, wound dressing, taking the stitches of etc.
Secondly, there is no surgical scar left, or any other signs on skin.
Thirdly, there are no allergic reactions or cases of rejection that sometimes may occur with ordinary implants.
The only downside of Vivtrol or Naltrexone in oil is that they don’t work longer than 1 month, and it’s necessary to repeat injection on monthly basis. However, we have to admit that this can be an advantage for some patients. Those who aren’t ready yet to stay in abstinence for many months and who are not ready even for a 3 months naltrexone implants. Such patients are more likely to agree to 1 month blocker. As the time passes by, they gradually get used to a systematic naltrexone use.

- How simple is it to inject Naltrexone blocker?
- It’s more complicated with Vivitrol. Therefore is a trained doctor required applizing a special syringe along with a Vivtrol set. According to specific regulations, a suspension of micro granules has to be injected in one go, and quickly. Any delay is unacceptable. The price of such an injections reaches 1000eur.
It is much easier and cheaper with Naltrexone in oil. Any nurse can inject the blocker. The price is a few times lower than with Vivitrol. I always recommend American Naltrexone made by Pellet Technologies.

- Are there any complications involved?
- According to my experience, there aren’t any. However, they might occur if a patient injects himself the blocker, or if he uses a no sterile syringe, or if medical regulations of aseptic aren’t followed.

- Is there an option of purchasing a couple of blockers in one time?
- Yes, there is. Many clients do so since it's extremely important to prolong the Naltrexone relapse protection for one year as minimum. Only then there are good chances that a person gets used to a new lifestyle and forgets about drugs.


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