Can Naltrexone be harmful?

There are many discussions regarding Naltrexone: one says that Naltrexone kills heroin addicts, others say that it’s perfectly safe. Let’s see what an expert in Naltrexone application, Dr. Victor Shubaev has to say to the patients and families struggling with heroin addiction:


" In various countries around the world, particularly in Australia, it is sometimes spoken and written about death cases during Naltrexone protection. It is necessary to have a clear understanding: Naltrexone does not cause an overdose. Naltrexone is not harmful, but heroin is - if a heroin addict persistently tries to use the opiate drug despite having a Naltrexone blocker. Any attempts of overriding Naltrexone may be fatal because of the body's sensitiveness to opiates. 


Search the Internet, look on YouTube and make sure to see all the publications on these fatal cases before deciding to start with Naltrexone therapy. Naltrexone blockade must not be given to those who resist Naltrexone implant. Such people must be denied this kind of treatment because it requires the patient's responsibility and determination to stop using heroin. 


Naltrexone therapy is only for those who have confirmed their consent, with a fully informed understanding of the terms of Naltrexone maintenance. If they seriously and thoughtfully choose abstinence by the means of Naltrexone, they deserve the kindest and genuine treatment by medical specialists."


Naltrexone may have some side effects, like a local allergic reaction, just like any medication, but it is not harmful. Naltrexone chip cannot cause fatal outcomes when a user does not smoke or inject heroin.


Before deciding of having Naltrexone implant fitted, it is important not to leave any heroin at home. Do not leave a contact of your drug dealer on your phone. Do not socialize with people who are heroin users.

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Heroin overdose happens more often if taken over naltrexone

Heroin overdose happens more often if heroin is taken over Naltrexone