Restart Your Mind

Your wish to start the journey on the road of change and recovery commands the deepest respect. We are aware of the fact that any renewal in life is not only fascinating but difficult as well.

There is a concept called biological inertia which is embedded inside each human being. We are created in such a way to maintain the present way of life. Unfortunately, illnesses and bad habits use our natural inertia as well, trying to become part of us and not willing to leave easily.

We are similar to a wheel which has gotten in a deep track in regards to our constant way of life. Inhabitancy, people, relations, work, subjects of conversations; everything that surrounds us is filling our mind with information forming this track (routine). With each day passing by we strengthen and deepen the routine of life repeating our personal program just like robots. The same is true when this program is illness, self-destruction and an escape from life. How can we develop a wheel of our own destiny and force it rotate in the necessary direction?

We put RATIO (critical thinking and consciousness controlling system) to sleep by falling into a delightful trance

You should replace the old information. You should restart your mind and your life.

We can do that and here is how:

We are going back into our wonderful childhood by memories, sensations and feelings with an open, honest heart
We experience natural feelings, desires, impulses and dreams of our childhood
We transfer ourselves back to the present along with the children’s qualities and perception from the past
We make a wish, choosing the most interesting, most ambitious and most inspiring thing in regards to your life in the current year

Then, by means of computer technology and holistic practices, we will fill you with the creative information necessary. More specifically, the images and sounds of your dream that are about to come true. You will be able to enjoy and bask in all small details. You will be able to develop and enrich it with new details.

Your dream will become the new life program, a guiding star for the nearest period of time. It will separate you from a former track to a new one, filled with events and emotions of a healthy life.

What do you think? When will the dream start coming true?

Because of this process, you will need a special energy, of course. That energy will go on in the regeneration of your body and in turn getting your inner and outer world in order. INFOTURN helps not only in choosing direction, but filling you with the strength you will need. Eastern ancient spiritual practices that are applied will recognize and reveal new resources in you. You will be able to concentrate and have control over these energy flows. You’ll feel the real power. The power that is peaceful and majestic like an ocean. You will be able to command over it in a wise fashion.