What Is Information?

Information is everything that surrounds us: words, sounds, pictures and sensations. Everything that we hear, see or feel, that we eat and drink, penetrates us continuously affecting our thoughts and feelings irrespective of our realization. Information works to a greater degree through sub-consciousness showing the results more quickly and effectively. Events in our life, problems, achievements, illnesses, and recovery are created by information.

The quantity of incoming information is of the greatest importance. Its deficiency, silence, and emptiness can generate anxiousness and fears. Then we are compelled to search for any data, including doubtful sources. In humans’ psychology, suspiciousness and distrustfulness surprisingly combine with naivety and the power of suggestion. The alarmed brain can also start to invent self-deception, imagination and hallucinations. Information famine can lead to psychosis and even death. We experience life as a collection of impressions, as you know. When impressions are not there, am I alive at all?

Another key issue is the quality of incoming information.

One often hears around them complaints, failures and injustice.

Another is surrounded by words spoken regarding diseases, diagnoses and the sufferings of physical and mental anguish.

The third one is plunged into the world of addicts and drug dealers. All conversations are dedicated to various drugs, ways of preparation and the use of them. Criminal topics often sound this way. Quite often there are ideas about the necessity to get off drugs and be treated. When one starts with his treatment program, it is often that sound drug addicts’ talks will continue on the group therapy as well.

What do you think? Can it be that all this negative information is on the path of one’s recovery to starting a new life?

Yes. It’s pulling him back into the awful past. Destructive conversations tie him up strongly with invisible cords to addiction and a big problem. It turns his steps into a vicious circle of recurring illness.

That is why we pay so much attention to your positive impressions, words and emotions. We help you using travel to achieve health and to get you filled with the most pleasant images, smells, and sounds.

The psychotherapy is organized in such a way to protect one from the destructive information of their micro-society and mass media. Then, it is designed to release them from stocks of negative information by respiratory, vocal and dynamic psychotherapeutic trainings. Finally, the intention is "to enclose" the positive information chosen by you, special computer programs and mind trainers. Informational psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic trainings are not only necessary but essential to the well being of an individual who has walked the path of addiction.