Our Simple Philosophy

In our private life as well as in work we are guided by simple ideas:

Everything that we do, including the treatment process, should be turned into pleasure. Therefore, even the very first stages of a complex medical treatment should be optimally comfortable, quick and painless.

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Medical treatment must be safe. Therefore, it should take into consideration all the details about patient-method compatibility. Preliminary diagnostics, indications and contra-indications, discussion of all treatment details and more allow us to make an optimal program just for you.

We find that our clients must not be bored and watch the time pass by. Therefore, instead of classical psychotherapy, RefindYourWay.com offers vivid and dynamic holistic psychotherapeutic practices - INFOTURN. These holistic treatment sessions can fill up your body and soul by rested peacefulness, happiness, clear energy flow and strength. They help you feel a taste of a peace filled life, new confidence and a passion to be healthy. Holistic psychotherapy, in its departure from a mainstream inpatient rehab program, is able to achieve a new level of unmatched success.

You have a chance to learn how to gain freedom instead of being a prisoner of closed inpatient a rehab program. Thanks to this fact you will be able to see many interesting sights outside of hospital walls: vivid excursions, walks, expeditions into fascinating psychological discoveries and beyond.

Every man or woman is unique. Therefore, your road to recovery is unique. We welcome you with interest and love. We listen to you carefully. We are trying to discover what you really need.

RefindYourWay.com is based on these principals and it came to be confirmed that they are indeed true. We are growing. We are learning. Our primary teacher is you. You bring your ideas, your judgment, suggestions and feelings. We accept you with our open mind and heart with gratitude. That is how you affect our philosophy.

Contact us and discover what can be done for you.

The consultation is free of charge.

And this is a workable chance for you to take advantage of.



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