Save your money with Refind Your Way

Your opiate drug detox and Naltrexone implant program could cost less


How can we help you save your money:


  1. We offer basic and shortest one week opiate drug detox treatment (which is still safe and pain free). That means that you won’t have to pay for additional inpatient days after your opiate drug detox is done. Only needs to be double checked that you are heroin and other opiate drugs free and ready to be discharged.
  2. You'll have 24/7 medical assistance to make your getting off of drugs easy. You'll have only the necessary opiate drugs detox procedures. You won’t be paying for expensive diagnostics, psychological tests and therapies (without your language native speakers and bearers of your national culture), long lasting total anesthesia, plazmapheresis, herbal and exotic treatments, etc.
  3. You won’t have to pay for the taxi to reach our drugs detox medical facilities. We'll take you and your family member (if applicable) from and back to the airport free of charge. We will also consult you on your drugs detox treatment while driving.


Thinking about the drugs addicts who are not ready to pay three, five or more thousands for a  simple opiate detoxification, we offer very budget drugs detox programs.

Only the necessary medical and other services are included. It’s up to you to choose a drug detox program only, Naltrexone implant only or opiate drug detox followed by Naltrexone blocker.

We do understand financial difficulties of our clients, when our patient orders only 3 months heroin blocker now to give themselves time to collect the funds for the next 6 months Naltrexone implant or 9 months Naltrexone chip.

Feel free to contacts us in regards to attending our low cost opiate detox and Naltrexone blocker programs, also keep in mind indications and contraindications for such detox treatment as well as conditions of admission to our Drug Detox Clinics.


This may be the cheapest heroin detox, but yet painfree and save drugs detox program


We are not trying to catch your attention with luxury services like horse riding, swimming pool, spa or Japanese garden. Do you really need all that while sleeping and being drowsy during your 7 days opiate detox?


You are not paying for expensively decorated private room with antique furniture, hi end home cinema with superior sound system.


You are not paying for modern looking medical equipment and other “professional gadgets” with colorful lights. We are providing a budget, really low cost, but absolutely beneficial medical and organization services to ensure your detox be safe and pain free.

You are not paying for security guards and other staff to keep you at the Clinic against your free will. Drug detox treatment must be a personal choice. We respect your willingness and your choice to go through your detox or to decide leaving without finishing your drug detox program. Even when not experiencing opiate cravings, you may feel free to change your mind and get discharged any day you want.