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Affordable Opiate Detox Clinic

We offer basic and short rapid opiate detox treatment (safe and withdrawals-free). That means that you won’t have to pay for additional inpatient days after your opiate detox is done.

24/7 medical assistance to make your getting off of drugs easy and comfortable.

  • You will never be surprised by unexpected extra detox costs.
  • We do not offer any extra services.
  • We really respect your efforts to save your money.
  • Opiate blockers to prevent relapse
Heroin detox clinic

If you're reading this testimony, you probably have a drug problem yourself. Or someone you care about does. Either way, you're looking in the right direction now. RedfindYourWay can help you. I know because I've been there, and I'll be back once a year to renew my implant.


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affordable opiate detox

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What We Can Really Do for You

  • We can provide immediate admission
  • The transfer from and to the airport will be organized for you
  • We provide safe and pain free rapid detox
  •  We don’t take any deposits
  •  We provide Naltrexone implants to prevent relapse (you can have a heroin blocker within 2 days only!)
  • We can organize accommodation for your relatives (additional costs)

Residential Opiate Detox (information for the patient)

We understand how expensive supporting your habit can be. Therefore, we are doing our best to cut down costs on security, and other related matters. Our patients voluntarily choose to get admitted for opioid detox and accept the treatment conditions at our rapid opiate detox clinic.

It is clear that residential drug detox programmes require 24/7 stay at the clinic and medical supervision. If you make your free choice to leave our opiate detox clinic sooner, no one will hold you back. You will receive information about the possible consequences of an unfinished course of treatment and recommendations. By signing a discharge document, you will be free to leave our detox facility.

After leaving the clinic, there won’t be a possibility of coming back for another admission.

Affordable Opiate Detox Clinic provides residential treatment option.

Outpatient Heroin Detox (information for the family)

Nonresidential programs require a family member who will be a supervisor and support. This is an adult, sober and authoritative person. The addicted person requests help and support and punctually fulfills all conditions. The accompanying person receives advice and instructions.

Soon after you will start to responsibly observe the state and behavior of the patient. You give medication on time. You are patient and are there for an addicted person day and night. You help them with eating, walking, and other activities. You report to our doctor about the patient’s condition and receive the necessary recommendations and advice.

That level of independence and freedom is not suitable for everyone. After all, the personal and emotional traits, as well as the behavior of the addict, are very different. Moreover, the level of motivation to get clean is changeable or insincere. Sometimes the “desire for abstinence”, “the desire to be treated” are dictated by the promise of a reward from relatives. It is of great importance that you speak to the person involved, and make sure that this is what they really want.

Give them some of the responsibilities for the preliminary organization. Let them answer the medical and other questions, reserve the date of admission for opiate detox treatment, etc. This will help to better understand the readiness of the addicted person, and their real motivation.

Outpatient opiate detox is also a good way to save money.

Therefore, when choosing a Refind Your Way treatment program, think wisely. Take all aspects into consideration and make the right choice that will suit your needs best.

Our outpatient opiate detox clinic offers cheaper heroin detox program.