Alcohol Addiction Counselling

Diagnostics is the first step in alcohol addiction counselling process. If someone gets drunk, then they need it for some reason. Some internal subconscious problem requires “treatment” or solution with the help of alcohol. Chronic dissatisfaction, conflict, anxiety, depression, and even overlooked psychosis can be medical reasons for drinking. Heredity plays a huge role in alcohol misuse. Predisposition to “alcohol” metabolism could be passed down from ancestors. You need to know about it and take it into account in alcohol addition treatment and planning of your own life.

Alcoholism treatment information.

Past craniocerebral traumas, contusions, poisonings, infections can be of some main causes of alcohol addiction. The consequences of organic damage to the brain create, as it were, constant irritation. They demand to switch from the accumulated tension to intoxication, euphoria and relaxation.

An even more common cause and provocateur of alcohol misuse is emotional stress. Unexpected, acute or chronic stress requires a return to the comfort zone. The fastest and most affordable “medicine” is alcohol.

Psycho-diagnostics in alcohol addiction counselling

Psycho-diagnostics allows you to understand and show the patient what had caused it. It is usually a combination of causes for alcohol problems in each individual case.

Psychopharmacocorrection is the selection of the minimum necessary combinations of medications to overcome stress, depression, anxiety and phobia, hypochondria, jealousy, suspicion and paranoia. All this can be both a cause and a consequence of alcoholism.

It is necessary to recover a good sleeping habit, a normal mood and appetite. You must return to the world of pleasure, passion, healthy motivations. You must be helped to remember the joy of relationships, love, sex, creativity, hobbies, making money.

alcohol addiction counselling

Psychotherapy or alcohol addiction counselling is a deeper work to find inner meaning and motivation for fulfilled life. This is the disclosure of hidden drives, interests and true personal needs. As well as hidden talents and resources to achieve your goals. Thanks to the over-winning alcoholism, a you will grasp an opportunity to start a completely new life. You will change your environment, city, country, the whole way of thinking and lifestyle. The problem becomes a great opportunity to radically change your destiny.