Gambling Addiction Test

This is a gambling addiction test (self-assessment). If you feel that your gambling might have become a habit, take this test.

Gambling addiction is the uncontrollable urge to continue gambling despite the toll it takes on one’s life. Gambling is addictive because it stimulates the brain’s reward system much like drugs or alcohol can. In fact, gambling addiction is the most common impulse control disorder worldwide.

Answer with YES or NO

  1.  Have you ever missed a class or gone to work because of gambling, betting?
  2. Have you had any inconveniences and problems due to gambling?
  3. Has gambling or betting damaged your reputation?
  4. Have you ever regretted and felt guilty after the game?
  5. Have you ever gambled or bet to pay off debts?
  6. Has gambling affected your ambitions?
  7.  Has ever happened to you that after the loss you wanted to return as soon as possible in order to make up for the loss?
  8. Has it often happened that after a loss you wanted to come back and win even more?
  9. Do you often play all or nothing until you lose all your money?
  10. Did you borrow money for gambling or betting?
  11. Were you forced to sell things to make money on gambling?
  12. Do you have money for gambling, money that is intended exclusively for gambling?
  13. Has your interest in gambling or betting affected your personal or family finances?
  14. Have you ever been so engrossed in the game that you didn’t finish the game on time?
  15. Have you ever gambled to forget about problems?
  16. Have you ever broken the law to get money for a game?
  17. Have you ever had insomnia because you were tormented by thoughts of gambling?
  18. Has it ever occurred to you to go gambling to forget about life’s problems?
  19. Do you have a habit of celebrating your winnings?
  20. Have you ever considered suicide after a great loss?

Results of the gambling addiction test

If you answered YES to more than 7 questions, you are most likely addicted to gambling.

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