Infostart – Psychological Treatment For Addiction

INFOSTART is diagnostics and rapid correction of a person’s state of mind with an emphasis on non-medications methods. Part of this type of psychotherapy is learning how to instantly restore inner comfort. Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, addiction treatment specialist, dr. Viktor Shubaev works in Russian, Serbian, and English languages.

Forms of Work

  1. Consultations.
  2. Diagnostics.
  3. Correction sessions.
  4. Practical recommendations.
  5. Crisis coaching.

The first consultation lasts 2 hours and costs 100 euros.
To set up an online appointment, contact us via the email address or through the contact form on the website.

After the consultation, the issue of formats and methods of further work is determined. Online psychotherapy, personal meetings, and long sessions are provided. In addition to that, a combination of online and face-to-face sessions is available.

The strategic goal of INFOSTART psychotherapy method is a rapid exit from states of tension, fatigue, depression, anxiety. Moving away from medications to non-pharmacological tools wherever possible. Program yourself and your life on your own, do not let others do it.

Confidentiality. No one records your personal data, and documents. You can use any pseudonym. There is no video or audio recording of our meetings. You will not fall into any register. You may not show your face. The Doctor is the only person you communicate with.

Way out of depression, anxiety, personal crisis. Increasing the success of survival, adaptation to rapidly changing circumstances and income growth.

How can this type of psychotherapy help you?

If you decided to breach out of the circle of problems, from dependence on drugs, alcohol and substances. If you want to move towards pleasure, health and well-being based on natural resources.

Methods and approach:

  1. Analysis and satisfaction of your needs
  2. bodily orientation
  3. Holotropic Breathwork and Wai-Wayshn
  4. Psychodrama
  5. Contrast therapy
  6. Holistic approach

Ways of work of our psychological treatment for addiction:

Online sessions.

Benefits: You can stay at home, continue to live and work at your convenience and simply take a seat behind your computer to work with the doctor. You can invite your loved ones to the sessions, if necessary. No need to wear a mask, quarantine, being afraid of infections.

In the doctor’s office.

Benefits: Direct therapeutic contact. Nothing distracts – you and the doctor are dedicated only to you. Much more time for you, sessions can last up to 10 hours a day. Longer and deeper work with breathing with the help of a trainer. Continuous monitoring of your condition and therapy adjustments when needed.

A visit to the address specified by you in Europe is also and option.

The advantages of the two previous forms can be perfectly combined.

Differences and advantages of INFOSTART:

Non-medications approach

Expansion of consciousness, opportunities, freedom of choice.


How is it different from conventional psychiatry?

In the process of diagnostics, the emphasis is set not only on the mental state and its causes but on personality traits, the subtleties of the psychological portrait.

To get out of problems into normality, the emphasis is not on medications, but on non-pharmacological approaches. Activation of mental resources with the help of breathing and body-oriented techniques.

How is it different from conventional psychotherapy?

It begins with a study of the mental state and health levels because assessment of the remaining resources is important. To build them up and put them into action, a personal set of psychotherapy techniques and holistic practices is selected. For each person, an optimal composition is created from elements of analysis and body orientation, Jungianism and rebirthing, cognitive-behavioral techniques and psychodrama, and much more. You can choose from dozens of methods. Sometimes very strong, contrasting, on the verge of the most daring imaginati

Psychological treatment for addiction

on. And most importantly – reliance on the author’s system of Dr. Victor Shubaev. It includes an individual analysis of needs, raising energies, “reprogramming” your brain for positivity, efficiency, hedonism, and service to your master.

The most important goal of joint work is to get out of the crisis, to turn the lifestyle into pleasures, enjoyment, living positive emotions.