Anxiety Test

This easy to use self-administered patient questionnaire is used as a screening tool and severity measure for generalised anxiety disorder

Please take paper and pencil for this anxiety test.

Each positive answer carries 1 point.

Count points at the end of the test.

An explanation of the results is below the questionnaire.

Try to be as honest as possible and respond without giving too much thought to your answers.

1. Is it hard for you to stop worrying about something? YES/NO

2. Do you worry about things like family, work, or school more than you don’t? YES/NO

3. Do you find it difficult to fall asleep due to thoughts going through your head? YES/NO

4. Are you often restless and on the edge of your nerves while nothing special is happening around you that could be a cause for concern and anxiety? YES/NO

5. Do you find it difficult to concentrate on a task, do you often notice that your thoughts wander or your head gets blank? YES/NO

6. Do you often get annoyed or tense while nothing is happening around you, nothing that could justify such feelings? YES/NO

7. Do your friends and family often tell you that you care too much about little things, that you are too tense, and that you need to relax and calm down? YES/NO

8. Do you notice that your muscles are often tense, do you feel the tension in the muscles of the lower neck, back, or eyes? YES/NO

9. Do you find it difficult to sit still without scribbling on paper, fidgeting with your hands, or making any other repetitive movements? YES/NO

10. Have you ever noticed that your palms occasionally sweat, do you feel your heart beating, or have shallow/shortness of breath? YES/NO

Anxiety Test Interpretation

Note:  This anxiety test is NOT intended to diagnose anxiety.

This anxiety self-assessment questionnaire can help you identify anxiety symptoms and help you decide to seek professional help.

For each answer with YES, give yourself 1 point.

Use the table below to determine your level of anxiety.

Remember that factors such as certain diseases, use of drugs, alcohol, and caffeine may affect the test result.

0 points
Congratulations! You don’t have any symptoms of anxiety.

1-4 points

Mild anxiety

Some of the questions you answered with YES are symptoms of general anxiety and other disorders in this category. Your anxiety symptoms may be mild in general, but it would be helpful to think about the problems you are aware of and clarify whether they may cause a problem in other areas of life as well.

5-10 points

Serious anxiety

You have many symptoms that are common to people who suffer from general anxiety disorder and other disorders in this category. You worry intensely, sometimes you feel out of control, and you are afraid that something will go wrong, even without information that can confirm it.

If anxiety is causing stress or is standing in the way of achieving your goals, we recommend that you seek professional help.

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