Naltrexone Implant

Naltrexone implant is specially formulated, sterilised pellets containing from 800 mg to 2500 mg of Naltrexone. The effect of the blocker depends on the type of the drugs blocker/alcohol blocker.  Our trained/licensed surgeon will insert Naltrexone implant under the skin (usually of your abdomen) during a minor surgical procedure.

The effect of Naltrexone implant normally lasts from 12 weeks to 12 months depending on its length. The blocker releases small amounts of Naltrexone into the bloodstream. Your body absorbs the implant tablets over time completely.  Therefor, you don’t have to have it removed. Naltrexone Implants do not have a product licence in the UK. They are still regarded as experimental. The implants  have been used in Australia, the USA, Serbia since 1997th.

Naltrexone Implant Pros

  • Naltrexone blocker makes relapse protection more effective than oral Naltrexone does. That’s because taking tablets on daily basis is not required
  • Avoids the need to supervise taking of Naltrexone tablet and the conflicts it may cause
  • Naltrexone implant makes it impossible to ‘forget’ or to change one’s mind to take Naltrexone pill
  • Less Naltrexone quantities are required because of stomach and liver transit is excluded
  • Naltrexone blocker reduces cravings more than  Naltrexone tablet because the patient’s motivation struggle is eliminated. They don’t have to choose what to take – heroin/cocaine/alcohol or the tablet.
  • Patient is constantly aware of the pellet under the skin. They are aware of the protection against of drugs or alcohol. They feel more at ease and confident.
  •  Naltrexone is an opiate antagonist which in itself has no psychoactive effects. You can not become dependent to Naltrexone. Thanks to that, you may stop with Naltrexone maintenance whenever you want.
  • Implant dissolves completely after several months (it doesn’t have to be removed)

Naltrexone Blocker Cons

  • Involves minor surgery and a small scar with temporary tenderness and bruises.
  • Occasional local inflammation or rejection reaction of implant site, usually responding to antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Naltrexone implant

A Powerful Tool for Addiction Treatment

Numerous problems with the disciplined reception of Naltrexone pills have motivated scientists to search for new approaches in relapse protection. Thanks to the lengthy research and trials, we have a powerful tool for treatment of addiction.

The solution became different forms of Naltrexone depot. Once inserted under the skin or muscle, Naltrexone depot blocks the effects of heroin and other opiates. They gradually release their medication into the blood stream just as if the patient were taking their tablets every day for weeks, even months. The opioid receptors are blocked making effect of heroin or other opiates impossible.

The secondary working of Naltrexone is aid in alcohol and cocaine addiction treatment. It reduces, eliminates even cravings for alcohol or cocaine. People report not being able to drink as they used to. Most stop drinking all together. 

Naltrexone Implant Development

Naltrexone blockers were introduced in the beginning of 1990-es in USA, then in Germany. The blockers is prescribed as experimental medication because it is not licensed.

Naltrexone pellets look like white or light grey cylinders, balls or tablets in a sterile pre-loaded syringe. Different types of Neltrexone pellets contain from 800 mg of Naltrexone and more. It actively provides relapse protection from 2 up to 12 months.

Small surgical intervention is performed with local anesthesia. It is inserted through a 2-3 cm incision in the lower abdomen. Either at the back of the upper arm as less safe option. Surgeon inserts the implant under the skin or muscle.

Where can you get Naltrexone implants in the UK and Europe?