Behandlung von Alkoholismus

  • Efficient, fast, inexpensive alcoholism treatment.
  • Complete privacy.
  • Alcohol detox.
  • Getting out of binge drinking and cleansing the body of alcohol is the first and, perhaps, the most difficult stage in the treatment of alcohol dependence.
    Much depends on the state of health and age of the patient, on the duration of alcohol use and its quantities, on previous experience of parting with alcohol, and on the motivation for sobering up.

Alcohol Detox in Alcoholism Treatment

Alcohol detox program must be:

1) Safe alcohol detox

This means that it is necessary to carry out prevention of alcohol complications beforehand because of delirium (“delirium tremens”) and other psychoses.

A wide range of cardiovascular disorders to awful metabolic disorders. All this must be done to provide management and support in the most difficult period. So that a person does not fall or stumble.

To avoid accidents when the coordination of movements is still impaired.

To avoid choking when eating and drinking. You need to regularly measure your pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature to see the rate of improvement and not miss the moment when you need additional help.


2) Alcohol detox must be as comfortable and relaxed as much as possible.

When a person is freed from alcohol without angst, without internal tension and stress, without unpleasant sensations, then the transition to a sober state becomes desirable.

For the first couple of days, it is better to stay in bed and sleep through the difficult period. Having had enough sleep, it is much easier to restore strength and the will to live. Return to activities, favorite activities, pleasures.

3) Optimal in speed of alcohol detox

If for some time a person has been constantly drinking, their metabolism switched to alcohol metabolism. Alcohol has been the primary, sometimes the only source of fast energy for the body. The work of each cell depends on the supply of ethanol.

Is it possible to abruptly withdraw alcohol, quickly remove it from the body and switch to the usual “slow” diet?

No it isn’t. It is categorically forbidden! The cells will simply begin to choke.

Gradually eliminating ethanol from the body, it is necessary to carefully rebuild the metabolism with the help of drips of medications, vitamins, and minerals.
The course of alcoholism treatment takes several days and consists of several components.

  • diagnostics
  • detoxification (out of binge)
  • consultation of the patient about their prospects
  • anti-alcohol blocker

We believe that the most effective means of maintaining sobriety is placing an anti-alcohol implant. Naltrexone implant treatment has established itself as the safest and longest way to get rid of alcohol cravings, cravings to get drunk, the pursuit of intoxication. Implants for six months are preferred. They block the pleasure of drinking and deprive it of any meaning. For most, this is a real help to get rid of harmful alcohol addiction.

Some prefer disulfiram (Teturam, Antabuse) to block alcohol. Here we need additional motivation, knowledge and responsible choice of the patient.

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