Low-Cost Drug Detox and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

  • Heroin Detox from £ 1100
  • Mathadone Detox from £ 2000
  • Subutex detox from £ 1800
  • Naltrexone implant maintenance – 3 months – £ 550
  • Naltrexone injection maintenance – 1 month – £ 250
  • Naltrexone implant maintenance – 6 months – £ 1200
  • Naltrexone implant maintenance – 12 months £ 2100

We understand that sometimes drug detox cost is an issue for private treatment in a residential clinic.

Therefore, we offer a good-value solution to drug and alcohol addiction treatment that’s affordable.

Our low-cost detox programs are at low-cost offering only what you really need to have a positive experience with your opiate detox.

Low-cost detox is one of the treatment programs we offer It is recommended to start with the Naltrexone maintenance right after the detox, but not obligatory.

Watch our videos and meet our patients to hear about some of the different treatments they’ve had at Refind Your Way Detox/Naltrexone Clinic:


Low-cost detox should be available to everyone who seeks addiction treatment

Feel free to watch our British patient's testimonial about their low-cost drug detox and Naltrexone implant experience.