Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment

You do not have to be taking cocaine, or crack every day to be addicted to it. A sign of Erfahren Sie mehr über Suchterkrankungen. is that you’ve tried to cut down or stop but are not able to do so. That is why you should seek crack cocaine addiction treatment.

Detoxification from Cocaine and Crack

Treatment of any chemical dependence begins with cleansing the body of the drug. So with cocaine addiction, it is necessary to comfortably and safely detoxify a person from this dangerous substance.

 What is the Danger of Smoking Cocaine or Crack?

  1. Smoking cocaine or crack causes mental disorders: anxiety, fears, paranoia. Cocaine psychosis occurs in normal, healthy people and carries many unexpected risks for both the user and others.

  2. Crack or cocaine poisons the body. First of all, the heart suffers. This is not only an increased load on the cardiovascular system due to tachycardia and increased blood pressure. It is also a direct toxic effect on the heart muscle. This myocardial damage is especially noticeable when, in addition to cocaine/crack, a person consumes alcohol. Then a new substance is formed in the body – cocaethylene. It is a much more aggressive poison than just cocaine.

  3. Smoking crack is highly addictive. At the same time, tolerance to cocaine is growing very quickly. It is faster processed, metabolized, and excreted. Because of that, its action is shortened. The user wants more and more of the drug. More and more often. Daily doses of cocaine can reach incredible quantities. A man, like a madman, loses all control and can smoke more and more cocaine for many hours in a row. This is very dangerous not only for further health but also for life.

  4. To overcome post-cocaine fears and psychoses, patients are often forced to resort to alcohol, large doses of sleeping pills, or even heroin. Then an even more dangerous complex addiction develops. Treatment of cocaine and crack addiction will be much more complex, lengthy, and expensive.

Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment Costs.

How to help a person safely gets off and detoxify from cocaine or crack?

If you need a medical cocaine detox as part of your crack cocaine addiction treatment, it should include:

  • cardioprotection because heart must be preserved. That is protection of the heart from possible complications. Regular monitoring of blood pressure and pulse is mandatory. Medicines are individually selected to help the heart recover.
  • prevention of cocaine psychosis, fears, incredible suspicion, hallucinations, delusions, and arousal.
  • prevention of post-cocaine depression, insomnia, suicidal and aggressive tendencies.
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What else is important in Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

It is very important to re-adjust the circadian biorhythm – the normal wake and sleep routine. And also return the entire body to normal activity without chemical stimulants.

Further long-term rehabilitation is of great importance: reducing cravings for cocaine, the use of medical implants, psychological correction, and psychotherapy.