Heroin Detox - Entgiftung von Heroin 

Entgiftung von Heroin nach einem neuen Modell von SMART DRUG DETOX ™.

SMART DRUG DETOX ™ entspricht den hohen modernen medizinischen Standards sowie den Prinzipien des Humanismus:

Schmerzfreie und bequeme schnelle Drogenentgiftung,

During the opiate detoxification, efficient withdrawal syndrome prevention is performed in such a way, that none of the withdrawal symptoms appear. A patient sleeps and eats normally and doesn’t feel pain during the detoxification from heroin. Only 10% of the patients might feel some mild tension, shivers, chills, which are immediately neutralized with highly effective treatment.

Safe rapid heroin detox for all body organs

It is of a great importance that a body doesn’t go through a serious stress and overwhelming, and therefore medical technologies must be applied in order to protect brain, heart, lungs etc. during the ultra rapid opiate detoxification. We apply monitoring equipment and reliable protection of body organs.

Careful diagnostics and a personal program for each patient individually

A detailed examination of a somatic and psychological condition, used substances and their daily intake, allow us to make a correct detoxification process prognoses. That means that we make a personal treatment model as well as protection from withdrawal syndrome (pain, chills, vomiting etc.) for each patient individually. We don’t allow our patients to suffer. A team of medical professionals, addictionologists, internists, anesthesiologists take in consideration every detail of a patient’s condition while designing their unique SMART DRUG DETOX™ program.

Immediate withdrawal syndrome prevention and careful preparations for blood and cells cleansing process

Our patients receive prophylactic therapy in order to get the right protection from withdrawal symptoms, immediately after the admittance to the hospital, or at the airport, in case of emergency. A soft detoxification is starting along with the preparations for the main procedure of the deep cleansing process from opiates.

A complex heroin detoxification program

A patient gets a thorough cell, blood and lymph cleansing from opiate and opioid drugs. Simultaneously with opiates other drugs are getting out of the body, as well as alcohol, benzodiazepines etc. A general body detoxification from accompanying substances is planned and performed with consideration of all possible risks and problems.

Integral opiate drugs body cleansing model

A personal detox program consists of elements of some traditional and modern methods, from tramadol or buprenorphine reduction to Ultra Rapid Opiate Detoxification. Many components are being applied in a consecutive order, and sometimes simultaneously, forming your individual SMART DRUG DETOX™. We apply tens of medications, which we choose for your individual case.

Schnelle Heroinentzugsklinik in meiner Nähe

Smart Drug Detox™ –  Heroin Detox

SMART DRUG DETOX™ allows us to detox the body from heroin during 5 days. That’s not a 24 hour Ultra Rapid Detoxification, but smart, safe program of a step-by-step rapid detox (but without over acceleration) for a drugs free body achieving.

Controlling the opiate detox results up and preparation for Naltrexone maintenance program (according to the patient’s choice)
A series of tests show how the opioid detoxification process is developing, and when the body becomes 100% clean from drugs, a patient can start with Naltrexone induction.