Our opiate detox treatment programmes are designed to meet your expectations.


Detoksikacija od metadona

Efikasan tretman psiholoških poremećaja

Certified medical doctors specialized in addiction treatment.

Certified medical nurses ready to help 24/7.

Heroin residential detox starting from £ 1350

Opiate Detox Costs information.

Detox Facility RYW

We are pleased to present to you our Detox Facility and Naltrexone treatment programmes RefindYourWay.

Our treatment programmes are designed to meet the main expectations of our patients:

  1. Easy and painlessness opiate detox
  2. Safe and efficient medical treatment
  3. Discreteness and confidentiality
  4. Minimum prices

Our detox facility and Naltrexone clinic are based in Serbia, in the south of the European continent between Hungary and Greece, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Serbia is well known for its wide range of different treatment programs and methods, professionalism and friendliness of doctors and nurses, cheap prices, and excellent touristic sights.

Our detox facility and Naltrexone clinic are located in central city areas, surrounded by cultural, architectural sites, and parks. It is close to highways and the airport.

Organisation of the Medical Process

The detox facility is organised in a simple, and convenient way. At the same time, there is everything essential for the patient’s comfortable stay: a room with a private bathroom, cable TV and wi-fi, billiard, and a patio.

Residential programmes include regular doctor check-ups, 24/7 medical supervision and assistance, intravenous infusions, and multiple medications.

Detox facility medical staff

Medical Staff

Our medical staff consists of certified specialists with many years of experience in working with addicts and addiction treatment field.

All members of our medical team speak and write English.

They are professional, attentive, and friendly. They have been successfully working with British, American, and European patients for a long time now.

With 24/7 supervision, they are always there to listen to you and step up the therapy when needed.

Our doctors have been treating addictions for 10-20 years, they understand and feel patients well. They are able to quickly find a solution if there are problems, questions, or mood changes. The detox treatment plan is highly individualized as well as an aftercare program.

The detox plan can quickly change by improving the therapy plan, if necessary.

Medical Opiate Detox Costs

All medical check-ups, procedures, medications and detox equipment, hospital accommodation, and three meals a day are included in your planned program. There are no additional costs.

The additional costs may arise if you order additional food or some meals not offered by the catering we use. The same goes for drinks and cigarettes.

Additional costs may occur only when it comes to some additional examinations and treatments beyond detox and Naltrexone implant planned. These are related to concealed illnesses and are performed at other medical facilities (x-ray, for example). The other situation is if you need to extend your stay in Serbia, which happens extremely rarely.

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions +44 20 3289 8289.